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Winery Tours In India

The popularity of wine in India has been registering a steady increase in the recent past. With the advent of this exotic liquor, India is also experiencing a boom in wine connoisseurs and wine tourism. Many Indian vineyards now have tasting rooms, for wine enthusiasts to enjoy and explore India's enticing flavours. It's often possible to complete the experience by staying at the vineyards. India's main wine growing region is Nasik, approximately four hours northeast of Mumbai (Maharashtra), however, there are also some reputable wineries scattered down South as well!

Most of the wineries are located in scenic locations where the weather is relatively milder and winery visits are a favourite amongst weekend holidayers!

Some of the wineries included are - Valle Vin / Zampa Wines, (Sanjegaon, around half way between Igatpuri and Nasik), Grover Vineyards (40 Kms from Bangalore), Chateau d' Ori ( Nhera-Ori hills at Dindori, around 22 kilometers north of Nashik), Chateau Indage (On the outskirts of Narayangaon, around 85 kilometers from Pune on the Pune-Nashik Highway), Sula Vineyards (On the outskirts of Nasik, off Gangapur-Savargaon Road, 20 minutes from town), and York Vinery (near the same location)!

Visit these vineyards to enjoy some of the best wines from India.

Tribal Tours India

India, along with Africa, has the largest tribal population in the world. The statistics are quite astonishing: the 533 different tribes, made up of more than 80 million tribals, represents almost 10% of India's population. The lives of the tribes in India are closely tied to nature, and they inhabit some of the most pristine and picturesque environments in the country. Largely unaffected by the modern world, they're very simple and often curious people, who have retained their rituals and customs.

Tribal areas extend from Kerala, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Mizoram and other northeastern states, to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Understanding their simple ways and ingenuity can make us understand how the earth has continue to survive for many a millennia. Tribal arts are a much sought after item and adorn the houses of the rich and the famous and the well travelled! Scientists and Architects are using the simple skills of these so called "backward people" to enhance their knowledge of medicine, survival methods, hunting techniques and building technology to name a few!

Kukis Tribes of Tripura, Manipur, Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Andamanese, Bodos, Bhils, Chakma, Chenchu, Dhodia Tribes of Gujarat, Gonds, Khasis, indigenous people of Lakshadweep, Tripuris, Mizos, Nagas, Nicobarese are some of the famous tribes in India worth visiting.

Homestay Tours India

"Homestay" is something very uncommon in most of India. The concept encapsulates a typical Indian tour package based on staying in an authentic local dwelling. With "Homestay", one gets to visit with "real" Indian people in their own world -experiencing their lives through a firsthand experience of their food, their traditional ways and their homes.

If lucky, be an honoured guest at a local village weddding or be a part of the village religious festival at Holi or Deepawali. Be a part of the global village of learning and teach at the local school words and sentences from your language, or other subjects of your choice as a "Cultural exchange programme" teacher!

There's no better way to get a true experience of the culture and customs than being a house guest!

Angling in the Middle Himalayas

Experience the exhilaration of angling in the swift flowing crystal clear rivers in the Indian Himalayas seeking the Golden Mahseer, along with Goonch Catfish and Trout. Located in the yet unspoilt and untouched locations that still hold huge fish in the Ramganga, Nayar , Kali Ganga and the Asi Ganga rivers. We arrange comfortable and hospitable temporary and permanent fishing for those seeking the Mahseer, Trout and Cat fishing all across the Indian Himalayas with many luxury jungle hideaways, eco lodges, or stay in simple and clean village homes!

Our specialized angling tour plan may include Village stays, birding Motor biking, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Kayaking, and Wildlife safaris, for accompanying non anglers in addition to the main activity.

01. Transportation (air conditioned taxis / trains to the angling sites), stay in camps, rest houses, village houses.
02. Government taxes / Fishing permits / Angling guide
03. Provision of fishing equipment
04. Government taxes
05. Hygenic food and sterilized / bottled water from the beginning till end of itinerary.
All meals and supporting staff

Festival tours

India has been a test bench of 6000 years of religion, culture, and philosophy- a vast cauldron of races, religions, traditions and colours! "India" a word coined by foreigners in reference to river Indus, is said to be one of the oldest races on the planet : moulded by innumerous foreign cultures, that have left their indelible mark not only on our culture but also on our every facet of our day to day life! India is home to almost all the religions of the world where acceptance is still the norm, and festivals are still a common man's way of entertainment, so buckle up for the innumerous showcases of our colourful heritage, with gaiety, enthusiasm, prayers, ritual and enjoyment galore!.

Some of the festivals showcasing an array of cultures is as follows-

Hemis Festistival (Ladakh) - Monastery built in 1630, Hemis, Pushkar Festival (Rajasthan) India's only Brahma temple, Kite festival (Gujarat) Coinciding the Makar Sankranti festival, Chariot festival (Orissa)- the origin of the word "Juggernaut", Maha Shivratri - The festival of Shiva (all over India), Durga Pooja (all over India - especially West Bengal), Ganesha Chathurthi (all over India especially Mumbai), Thrissur Festival (Kerala), Sonepur fair festival (Bihar), Holi- colour festival (all over India especially -Udaipur - Rajasthan), Janmashtmi - the birth of Lord Krishna (all over N India especially Varanasi U.P.)